Computer Programming

Computer Programming [Java -OCJP, Visual basic 6, VB .net, C# .net , ASP .net, PHP ...]


  • ü  More resource click
  • ü Creating PHP Projects
  • üConfiguring a Project's PHP Build Path 
  • ü New Project Layout Preferences
  • ü Enabling JavaScript Support in PHP Projects
  • ü Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • ü Configuring a Project's PHP Include Path
  • ü Database connectivity
  • ü Assemblies and Application



  • ü  Getting Started with ASP.NET
  • ü  Building a basic ASP.NET Web Site
  • ü  Working with AS P.NET Server Controls
  • ü  Programming Your AS P.NET Web Pages
  • ü  Navigation
  • ü  User Controls
  • ü  Validating User Input
  • ü  jQuery 
  • ü  Introducing Databases
  • ü  Displaying, Updating and Deleting Data
  • ü  LINQ and the ADO .NET Entity Framework
  • ü  Security in Your ASP.NET 4 Web Site
  • ü  Exception Handling, Debugging, and Tracing    
  • ü  Deploying Your Web Site
  • ü  Configuring SQL Server
  • ü  Configuring Application Services

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  • ü  Installing the .NET Framework SDK
  • ü  Introduction to the .NET Initiative and the .NET Platform
  • ü  Code Management
  • ü  Language Features of C#
  • ü  Language Features of VB.NET
  • ü  Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • ü  Error and Exception Handling
  • ü  Database connectivity
  • ü  Assemblies and Application Domains

Visual Basic 6.0

  • ü  Introduction to the VB Language and Environment
  • ü  Exploring the Visual Basic Toolbox
  • ü  VB Syntax
  • ü  VB functions
  • ü  Creating a Stand-Alone Visual Basic Application
  • ü  Error-Handling, Debugging and File Input/Output
  • ü  Graphics Techniques with Visual Basic
  • ü  Database Access and Management

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