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How to find client for software development project


  • 1
    Look at the age and gender of the people who use your product. You can do this by surveying the consumers or deciding what age and gender you want to attract to your product.
  • 2
    Find out your consumers' education and income levels. You may be able to market differently to those who have earned a college degree versus those who haven't and to those who are in a high income bracket versus those who aren't.
  • Notice the marital status and family life cycle of your target consumers. Find out whether they are single, newlyweds, have been married for many years, or have children or grandchildren. Each type spends money differently.
  • 4
    Look at the ethnic and religious background of the people who use your product. This may not make a difference in many cases, and is often good to know.
  • 5
    Put all the demographic information into a customer demographic profile. For example, you may find that your target market includes people in their 30s and 40s who graduated from high school, have a middle class income and are married with young children.
  • 6
    Look at the target consumers' lifestyle. See whether they are conservative, trendy, enjoy traveling or drive a minivan. Every little detail can tell you the type of people they are.
  • 7
    Figure out what social class your consumers belong to, whether lower, middle or upper class. This tells you how much extra money they may have to spend and whether or not they spend it.
  • 8
    See whether your consumers are opinion leaders or followers. Find out whether they tell others what products they should use or need others to tell them what is trendy and what works.
  • 9
    Look at their activities, interests, attitudes and beliefs. Find out what they like to do in their spare time, what their hobbies are, what sort of music they listen to and whether they are interested in environmental issues or politics.
  • 10
    Put the psychographic information into a customer profile along with the demographic information to figure out who your market is and how to go about advertising to the market. Once you find this out, you can advertise to the people where they hang out, where they work out or where they shop.

There are 4 P's in Marketing:
  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
You know your product, the place is the Web, and if you have existing clients and an existing network, then you are probably doing a good job with those P's.
But what about Promotion and Price? Have you identified your target market? Who are the clients you want to do business with? What news articles and blogs do these customers read? How will you reach them?
What is their baseline? In other words, what pricing strategy would make them think the quality will be poor? What price would they deem excessive?
You and your business partner need to take a step back and answer these questions. Knowing the answers can help you promote your services to the right people.

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Which One To Choose ASP .NET Or PHP ?

ASP .Net and PHP are considered to be the most powerful programming languages. So, there has always been a question which one to choose or do we hire ASP .Net programmers or PHP Programmers? Well, the answer lies in your requirement. You should first know what exactly your business requirement is. There are other factors to be considered such as price, its availability and lot more. Let’s have a quick comparison of these two.

The name of ASP .NET comes from Microsoft’s old ASP technology, they made with the .NET Framework, and the CLR allows you to use other languages for back end processing: typically Visual Basic.NET or C#. It has great object oriented features, and it is known because of its flexibility. The CLR allows C# programmers and VB.NET programmers to work on the same project, or switch languages half way through. They need not rewrite all of the old classes.

The .NET class library is organized into inheritable classes based around particular tasks, such as working with XML or image manipulation, so a lot of the more common tasks have been already handled for you. Visual Studio .NET is a massive development IDE that will save tons of time of your coding. It has built in debugging along with IntelliSense, which allows for auto-completion of methods and variables so you don’t have to memorize everything.
However, ASP.NET took has its own disadvantages, it is extremely expensive. It requires either better server or more servers.

On the other hand, if we talk about PHP, it is considered to be the fourth popular computer programming language in the world after JAVA, C and VISUAL BASIC. PHP can be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. It is easy to learn and can be deployed on most web servers, many operating systems and platforms, and can be used with many relational database management systems (RDBMS). PHP is absolutely free of cost as it is open source. It can be embedded with HTML code and is compatible with Apache, IIS, Oracle and Sybase.
PHP strength lies mostly in LAMP. The LAMP architecture has become popular in the Web industry as a way of deploying inexpensive, reliable, scalable, secure web applications. PHP is commonly used as the P in this bundle alongside Linux, Apache and MySQL. It also works with several lesser-known servers, including Alex Belits’ fhttpd, Microsoft’s Personal Web Server, AOLServer, and Omnicentrix’s Omniserver application server.

Coming to the drawbacks of PHP, its type checking is very loose which potentially causes problems. The variables in PHP are not really considered to have a type. Finally, for some reason big corporations feel that if they’re not paying for something, then it’s not worth buying. So, hire the programmers based on your requirements. Analyze these languages and then know which one will best suit you.

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Understanding Key PHP MySQL Features That Have Made Web Application Development Easier, Smoother & Faster PHP MySQL technology has risen in popularity these days because of the countless benefits it offers to web application developers. Being open source, both PHP & MySQL pave way for developing secured, powerful, dynamic, flexible & feature-rich applications that can simply take your breath away! By understanding PHP MySQL Features, we can easily understand what these unique technologies have to offer & how can they help developers in dynamic web application development.
PHP MySQL Development Features offer a number of advantages that help developers in making the entire development part easier. Since the PHP technology supports the MVC architecture and object oriented programming principles, developers can reduce the amount of codes they write and focus more on the PHP MySQL Application Development part. So, let’s explore the powerful PHP MySQL Key Features that have created a revolution in the web development arena.
Key features offered by PHP
PHP is basically a server side scripting language introduced in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It used to stand for Personal Home Page but now is popularly known as HyperText Pre-processor. The PHP Development platform is mainly used for developing dynamic web pages and intuitive web applications. PHP is backed by a dedicated community of developers that constantly strive to come up with new versions so that developers can craft amazing web applications. Here’s a quick overview of features offered by PHP –
  • PHP is compatible with the three leading Web servers: Apache HTTP Server for UNIX, Windows, Microsoft Internet Information Server and Netscape Enterprise Server.
  • It also works with several lesser-known servers, including Alex Belits’ fhttpd, Microsoft’s Personal Web Server, AOLServer, and Omnicentrix’s Omniserver application server.
  • PHP easily interfaces with MySQL. The syntax of PHP is based on C++ which is extremely easy to learn. PHP based frameworks help in making URLs look attractive and easy to access. Apache takes care of requests for a particular URL, which further invokes the central framework object. The end-users can only see the URL pasted on their browser, and cannot make out that you are using PHP for the same.
  • With PHP framework, you no longer need to manually enter all the validation criteria for forms etc. The only thing which is required is instantiating a new form validator object and instruct it as you wish. It will handle the rest. The uniform and standard coding helps in making things simpler and the issue of bugs can easily be resolved.
  • It also helps in development of other frameworks engaged in rapid application development like Mambo, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Cakephp. PHP5 a fully object oriented language and its platform independence and speed on Linux server helps to build large and complex web applications.
Key features offered by MySQL
MySQL is one of the best choices for database if you are considering building dynamic web applications. It is considered to be a central component of the widely used LAMP web application software stack. MySQL is the brainchild of Monty Widenius. Mentioned below are some of the most important MySQL Features –
  • MySQL is written using C & C++, it uses GNU Automake, Autoconf, and Libtool for portability.
  • Is compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Provides transactional and non-transactional storage engines.
  • Uses an excellent & very fast B-tree disk tables (MyISAM) with index compression.
  • Uses GNU APIs for C, C++, Eiffel, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl are available.
  • Has a brilliant fully multi-threaded using kernel threads. It can easily use multiple CPUs if they are available.
  • MySQL has In-memory hash tables that can be utilized as temporary tables.
  • Coming to security, MySQL is simply unmatched. It has a privilege and password system which is highly secured & flexible too. It helps you do host-based verification.
PHP MySQL Development has been highly acknowledged by various businesses across the globe. This is because, PHP MySQL, helps organizations get powerful, robust yet flexible web applications which take their business to new heights.

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