GCE A/L ICT [Information and Communication Technology]

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Grade 12 & 13

Investigate how data represented in computers and exploits them in arithmetic and logic operations
Uses Logic Gates to design basic Digital circuits and devices in computers
Uses memory management to improve performance of a computer
Uses operating systems to manage the overall functionality of computers
Competency 7
Uses programming languages to program computers to solve problems
Competency 8
Explores the use of Data communication and computer network technologies for effective communication of data & voice and resource sharing
Competency 9
Designs and develops systems to manage data efficiently and effectively
Competency 10
Develops websites incorporating multimedia technologies
Competency 11
Explores the system concepts and uses structured systems analysis and design method (SSADM) in developing information systems
Competency 12
Explores applicably of ICT to today's business organizations and the competitive marketplace
Explores new trends and future directions of ICT
Competency 14
Design and Implements a simple information system as the project

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