Friday, November 28, 2014

GCE AL ICT Notes Explores the evaluation of computers so as to be able to describe and compare the performance of a modern computer

  • CPU-Centarl Processing Unit ALU-Arithmetic Logical Unit CU-Control Unit

  • Computer memory hierarchy power speed cost size performance

  • Primary Secondary Memory  DVD HDD FDD Pen drive RAM ROM 

  • Volatile non-volatile memory types SRAM DRAM PROM EPROM 

  • HD Hybrid-Drive-Benefits-Diagram

  • Hard Disk Lables

  • Hard disk Track, Sector, Cluster, Bytes ..

  • Concept Map of Computer  ICT

  • Types of computer software- Application, Operating system ...
  • Types of Computer Network Typologies - Star, Ring, Bus,Tree ...

  • Computer Virus types, Anit-virus softwares, Security Threats and Cyber crimes

  • Computer Health and Safety

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