Computer Projects / Assignments

Computer Projects / Assignments [Information and Communication Technology]

Software development guidelines using SDLC

 0. Finding a Software Project / Client

1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis:
  • Feasibility Analysis
2. System Analysis:

·         What is the main goal for the application?
·         What are the sub-goals that can be met with specific software tools?
·         What data are required to meet the application's goals?

·         What are the business rules that will govern the behavior of the application?

·         Will the application be required to integrate with any existing systems?

3. System Design:

o    Form Design
              Best UI design for website

4. Coding:
o    CSS
o    HTML5
o    PHP
o    MySQL

6. Implementation:

Completed Projects


HND PHP/mySQL Student Management System for Keele Univercity
HND C# dot NET/MS SQL eMucis Storee Musicfortress for a video shop
HTML5 / Jquery Arts & CraftsLanka Historical Website (Unit 14 : Website Design)

BSc ASP C# dot NET/MS SQL Human Resource Management System for Pronto Lanka
PHP/mySQL Phone shop Management System for PC House

HND C# dot NET/MS SQL Circket club management System for SSC sports club
PHP/mySQL Student Information System for London Univercity

Bsc C# dot NET/MS SQL Human Information System for Lakshi PVT Ltd

website Joomla

BSc PHP/mySQL Phone Repair Management System for M3 Phone Shop

BIT PHP/mySQL Social Platform for Music Sharing and Promotion for the Band Night Sky Awe

BIT PHP/mySQL Sales Achievement Analysis System for Milco (pvt) Ltd

BIT PHP/mySQL Web based school management information system for Zonal Education Office

BIT PHP/mySQL Web based Hotel Management System for the Royal Holidays Hotel and Resorts
(Pvt) Ltd

Bsc PHP/mySQL Postal Tracking System for Sri Lanka Post office

BIT PHP/mySQL Resource Management System for Survey Department of Sri Lanka

BIT PHP/mySQL Vehicle Rental Management And Office Automation System for Vasi Quick Cabs And Tours, Ja-ela

Bsc PHP/mySQL Online Learning Management System for Gateway International

Bsc PHP/mySQL Online Bookshop for Namal Bookshop
PHP/mySQL Hotel Management System
PHP/mySQL People Management System
PHP/mySQL Inventory Management System
PHP/mySQL Patient Management System
PHP/mySQL Student Hostel Management System
PHP/mySQL Online Bookshop
PHP/mySQL Online Employee Management System
PHP/mySQL Incident Tracking System
PHP/mySQL Sales Managment System
PHP/mySQL Call center Managment System

Sample Student or Industrial Projects

Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management
Accounting Ledger Database
Address Book
Articles / Blog / Wiki Web site
Asset Management System
Asset Tracking Database
Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects
Bug Database Management
Bugs/Issues Management System
Bus Depot Management System
Business Directory
Business Performance Reporting
Call Center Management Software
Campus Online Help Desk
Careers and Employment Management System
Case Management for Government Agencies
Change Request Management
Class Room Management
Classified Ads Managements
Classroom Management
Clinic/ Health Management
Clinical Trial Initiation and Management
Competitive Analysis Web Site
Compliance Process Support Site
Contacts Management Software
Criminal Records management System
Customer Management
Cycle Factory Works Management
Dating website
Dental Clinic Management
Discussion Forum website
Disputed Invoice Management
Document Library and Review
Education Directory
Employee Management system
Employee Training Scheduling and Materials
Event Management Database
Event Planning and Management
Exam Scheduler
Examination System
Expense Reimbursement and Approval
Expense Report Database
Export Management System
Fund Raising Management
Help Desk and Ticket Management
Hospital Management
Hostel Election Software
Hostel Management
Hotel Management System
Human Resource Management system
Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking
Inventory Management Database
Inventory Management System
Inventory Tracking
Invoice Management
Issue Database
Jail/Prison management System
Job Management Site
Job Requisition and Interview Management
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Learning Management System
Lending Library
Lending Library
Library Management system
Life /Motor Insurance Management System
Manufacturing Process Managements
Market Research Management
Market Research Management System
Missing Person Site
Mock Tests and Examination Management
Music Albums Management System
Music, Lyrics Website
Online Class Register
On-Line Exams
Online News Paper Site
Online Planner
Online Tutorials Management System
Order Management System
Personal Finance Management System
Physical Asset Tracking and Management
Physical Asset Tracking and Management
Placement Management System.
Point of Sale
Polls Management
Practice Test Management
Product and Marketing Requirements Planning
Project Management System.
Project Tracking Workspace
Project Tracking Workspace
Property Management System
Real Estate Management System
Recruitment Management System
Request for Proposal Software
Resort Management System.
Room and Equipment Reservations
Sales & Retail Management
Sales Contact Management Database
Sales Corporation Management
Sales Lead Pipeline
School Dropout Statistics and Analytics System
School Management system
Service Call Management Database
Shopping Cart
Sports League Management
Staffing and Human Capital Management
Stock Mutual Funds Management
Student Management system
Time & Billing
Travel Agency System.
Yellow Pages & Business Directory
Yoga Health Care Management
Zoo Management System
24X7 Bank Employee Association System
Advanced Secured System
Advertisement Management system
Airline Reservation Booking System
Airline Reservation system
Airline Reservation System
AirTicket and Hotel Reservation System
Analog Clock using 
Analysis of Hostel Allocation System
Anti Phishing Online Banking System
Apartment Management System
Online Air ticket Reservation System
Assay cope executive loom
Attendance Management System
Attendance System
Audio and video conferencing System
Automated Wish System
Automobile showroom management system
Backup and Restore SQL Server Databases
Barcode Enabled Attendance Record System Project Report
Barcode Enabled Attendance Record System Source Code
BCA Project title
Best business opportunity for college students
Books Management System
BookStore Management System
Boutique Management System
Budget Approval System
Budget Approval System Project Report
Bus Ticket Reservation System
Buy ready projects with Project Report
Cake Ordering System
Cake Ordering System SRS
Call Center Management System
Call center management system
Campus Networking testing report
Cargo Management System
Cargo portal
Cargo portal project modules
Cash drawer software
Cashew Industry Management System
Central Library Management System
Chenne Mane Game Detailed design
Chenne mane game SRS
Chennemane Game system design
Chennemane Gaming Software
Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System
Classroom Management Software
Clinic inventory system
College Enrollment System
College Management System
College Management System
College Management System in PHP
College Management System in visual basic 6.0
College Voting System
College Voting System In 
Computer Shop Inventory Management System
Concurrent Version Schema
Cool Login Form With PHP, MySQL and jQuery
Courier Management System
Cricket Score Board
Cricket Statistics Software
Crime File Management System
Crime Information Management System
Database design of College Network System
Defect Tracking System
Dental Clinic Management System
Detailed design
Detailed design document for library management system
DVD Rental System
Easy Job Portal
eBilling and invoicing system
Electronic Document Management System
Electronic Document Management System Project analysis
Electronic Document Management System SRS
Electronic Document Management System UML diagrams
Electronic Project Ideas
Electronic Shop Management software
Electronic Shop Management System
Electronic Shop Management System
Electronic Shop Management System Complete Project
Electronic Store management system
Electronic Ticket Machine
Electronic Workshop Inventory Application
Electronics Project
Electronics Project documents
Electronics Project Report
E-Library Management System
Employee and Payroll System
Employee Association System
Employee Management System
Employee Payroll and Attendance Management System
Employee payroll and Task Management System
Employee Payroll Management
Enquiry form script
ER Diagram
E-School Management System
e-Student Admission System
Fashion Merchandising
File Tracking System
Funny Love Calculator
Gas Agency Management System
Gas Agency Management System Project Synopsis
GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System
GSM Projects
Gym Management Software System
Gym Management System
Hand Written Pattern Recognition System
Happy New Year 2014
Hospital Management System
Hospital Management System
Hospital management system database design
Hospital Management System in 
Hospital Management System in 
Hospital Management System project report
Hostel Allocation System
Hostel Management System
Hostel Management System in PHP
Hostel Management System in Visual Basic
Hostel management system project modules
Hostel Management System Project Report
Hostel Management System Project Synopsis
Hostel Management System Using Oracle
Hostel Management system using Oracle Database
Hotel Management Software
Hotel Management System
Hotel Reservation System
How to install Visual Studio 2008
How to run Online banking
HRMS Management System
Human Resource Management System
Human Resource Management System Complete Project Source Code
Human Resource Management System in 
I want solution for this qouestion
IEEE  Project topics
IEEE Standard SRS Template
Information Desk System DFD
Institute Management Software
Institute Management Software Application
Institute Management System
Institute Management System Project
Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter
Inventory Management Application
Inventory management System
Inventory Management System Project report
Inventory Management System using C++
 based Hospital Management System
 Web based projects
Jewellery management system
Jewelry Management System
Leave Management System
Leave Management System
Library Management System
Library Management System database design
Library Management System In Asp.Net
Library management system project report
Library management system project SRS document
Library Management System Source Code
List of software projects
Loan Management System
Lodge Management System
Love Calculator
Matrimonial Agency Software
Matrimonial Agency Software SRS
Matrimonial Website Script
Medical Information System
Medical Shop Management System
Medical Store Inventory System
Medical Store Inventory System in CPP
Medical Store System
Microsoft Access
Mobile healthcare system
Mobile Recharge Store
Mobile Showroom Billing and Inventory Management System Project Synopsis
Mobile Store Management System
Multilevel Marketing System
Net Authentication System
Network Based Library Management System
News Paper Agency System
Office automation system
Office Management System
Online Advertisement Management System
Online Air Ticket Booking system
Online Air Ticket Booking System
Online ayurvedic shop
Online banking Database design
Online Banking System
Online Banking System
Online Banking System
Online Bookstore Script
Online Career Guidance and Placement System
Online Career Guidance System
Online Clinic Management System
Online Clinic Management System SRS
Online college administration
Online Courier Management System
Online Course Portal
Online Exam Portal
Online Examination System
Online Examination System in ASP.NET
Online Examination System Project
Online Eye Care System
Online Hostel Management System
Online Hotel Management System
Online Hotel reservation system
Online Job Portal Synopsis
Online Job Site Report
Online Job Site Script
Online Lab Management System
Online matrimonial website script
Online Mobile Shop Database design
Online Mobile Shop Modules
Online Mobile Shop System design
Online Mobile Shopping
Online Mobile Shopping Project report
Online Recruitment Network
Online Recruitment Site
Online Shopping Cart
Online Shopping System
Online Shopping System Software Requirements
Online Social networking
Online Student Information Management System
Online Task Management System
Online Tourist Bus Booking system
Online Vehicle Showroom
Online Vehicle Showroom Detailed design
Online Vehicle Showroom PPT Presentation
Online Vehicle Showroom Project Report
Online Vehicle Showroom SRS
Online Vehicle Showroom Synopsis
Online Vehicle Workshop
Online Voting System
Online Website Builder
Oracle video tutorial
Part Time Jobs
Payroll Management System
Payroll Management System in ASP.NET
Payroll Management System project screenshot
Performance appraisal report
Periodic Table Of Elements
Phone Book
Photoshop Video Tutorial
PHP Generator for MySQL Software
PHP Guestbook Script
PHP Mini Projects
PHP Online Recruitment Site
PHP Shop-Script
Point Of Sale
Point of Sales and Inventory System
PowerPoint Presentation
Project Ideas
Project Report
Project report on Hostel Management System
Project Screen Shot
Project SRS
Project Synopsis
Project synopsis format
Quiz application
Railway Reservation System
Railway Reservation System Project idea
Ready student projects
Real Estate Portal
Rent Car System
Retrieve Daily, Weekly, Monthly Record from SQL Server
Reusable Component Resource System Project report
RFID Based Attendance System
RFID Based Security System
RTO Office Management System
Sales and Inventory Management System
Sales and Inventory Management System
Sales and Inventory System
Sales and Rental System
Sales Inventory management system
School cum College Management System
Screenshot of Employee and Payroll System
Screenshot of POS Software
Send and Receive SMS in .NET using GSM modem
Send SMS in 
Sending Mail in ASP.NET
Shoe Store application System design (SDD)
Shoe Store Billing Management System
Shopping Website with Payment Gateway
Simple Calculator
Simple  Calculator
Social Networking project synopsis
Social networking script
Social Networking Script like Facebook
Social Networking Site for College Students
Social Networking Website
Software Project Ideas
Software testing
Spare parts inventory management system
Spare Parts Management System
Sports Management System
SRS documentation for Hospital Management System
SRS of Employee payroll and Task Management System
SRS of Office Automation System
SRS Stores Management System
Staff Management software
Staff Management System
Stock Control Program
Stopwatch code in 
Store Keeper Inventory Management System
Stores Management System
Stores Management System in 
Stores Management System Project synopsis
Stores Management System system design
Student Information Management System
Student information System
Student information System DFD
Student Information Sytem ER Diagram
Student Management System
Student Project Acknowledgement letter
Student Requiremetns
Study of Financial Performance Based On Ratios
Sugar CRM customer relationship management Script
Supermarket Billing System
Supermarket management software
Supermarket Management System
Survey of schools
Synopsis Format
System analysis design hospital management system
System Design
System design of College Network System
System design of Library Management System
Test cases for Library management system
Testing report of Sales order management system
Ticket Management System
Tourism System
Tours Travel Management System
Traffic congestion alert system using GSM
Traffic congestion alert system using GSM
Traffic congestion alert system using GSM
Train Reservation System
Travel and Tourism Management System
Travel and Tourism Management System DFD
Travel and Tourism Management System SRS
Travel and Tourism Management System SRS Part2
Travel and Tourism Management System SRS Part3
Travel and Tourism Management System SRS Part4
Travel and Tourism Management System SRS Part5
Travel and Tourism Management System Synopsis
Travel Management System
Travel Management system
Use Case Diagram of Library Management System
Vehicle Information System
Vehicle Insurance Management System
Vehicle Showroom Database design
Vehicle showroom management system SRS
Vehicle Showroom Project report
Vehicle Showroom Project Synopsis
Vehicle Showroom System design
Video CD Library Management System
Video Streaming in PHP
Visual Basic 6.0
Web Based Claim Processing System
Web based project Ideas
Web based project management system
Web Chat
Web File Management System
Web Vehicle Agent System
Web-based Resource Management System
Windows Task Manager

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