Web Designing

Web Designing [Development, SEO, Hosting, CMS , Training ...]

Web Designing and Developing


  • ü  Introduction to AJAX
  • ü  AJAX Syntax
  • ü  Installing AJAX
  • ü  Applying AJAX to website
  • ü  Error handling using AJAX


  • ü  Introduction to CSS
  • ü  CSS Syntax
  • ü  Selectors
  • ü  Assigning property values, Cascading, and Inheritance
  • ü  Media types
  • ü  Box model
  • ü  Visual formatting model
  • ü  Visual effects
  • ü  Generated content, automatic numbering, and lists
  • ü  Colors and Backgrounds
  • ü  Fonts formatting
  • ü  Text Decoration
  • ü  Tables
  • ü  User interface


  • ü  HTML Structure
  • ü  Syntax
  • ü  Changing Font Color/Face/Size
  • ü  Making Links
  • ü  Adding images, video
  • ü  Special Characters
  • ü  Lists
  • ü  Tables
  • ü  Validity of your page

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • ü  SEO basics
  • ü  The long tail of search
  • ü  SEO for new sites
  • ü  Analyze your site’s visitors with Google Analytics
  • ü  SEO for established sites
  • ü  Plan site structure & navigation
  • ü  Create & optimize content
  • ü  Create quality content other sites
  • ü  Find target market’s online community
  • ü  Monitor, report, repeat
  • ü  The SEO process

Content Management System (CMS)

Joomla and WordPress

ü  Introduction
ü  Installation
ü  Structures and Terms
ü  Managing Content
ü  Statuses, Trash and Check-Ins
ü  Structure Your Content with Categories
ü  Website and Content Configuration
ü  Templates
ü  Navigation
ü  Users and Permissions
ü  Extension Management
ü  Core Extensions
ü  Modules
ü  Plug-Ins
ü  SEO
ü  Multi-Language
ü  Upgrade from older versions


  • ü  jQuery Basics
  • ü  Selecting Elements with jQuery
  • ü  jQuery Utilities
  • ü  Effects
  • ü  Events
  • ü  HTML Form Enhancements using JQuery
  • ü  HTML Form Enhancements with Plugins
  • ü  User Interfaces with jQuery UI
  • ü  Unit Testing


  1. I do individual and group class @ ratmalana, you can join

  2. Dear sir how long will it take to finish this coarse? full time or part time?

  3. Part time individual class fully practical based... Based on what you need the duration may change..

  4. I am Last Year student Am doing BSC Information Technology and Worring about what will my project will be?