Web Designing

Web Designing [Development, SEO, Hosting, CMS , Training ...]

Web Designing and Developing


  • ü  Introduction to AJAX
  • ü  AJAX Syntax
  • ü  Installing AJAX
  • ü  Applying AJAX to website
  • ü  Error handling using AJAX


  • ü  Introduction to CSS
  • ü  CSS Syntax
  • ü  Selectors
  • ü  Assigning property values, Cascading, and Inheritance
  • ü  Media types
  • ü  Box model
  • ü  Visual formatting model
  • ü  Visual effects
  • ü  Generated content, automatic numbering, and lists
  • ü  Colors and Backgrounds
  • ü  Fonts formatting
  • ü  Text Decoration
  • ü  Tables
  • ü  User interface


  • ü  HTML Structure
  • ü  Syntax
  • ü  Changing Font Color/Face/Size
  • ü  Making Links
  • ü  Adding images, video
  • ü  Special Characters
  • ü  Lists
  • ü  Tables
  • ü  Validity of your page

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • ü  SEO basics
  • ü  The long tail of search
  • ü  SEO for new sites
  • ü  Analyze your site’s visitors with Google Analytics
  • ü  SEO for established sites
  • ü  Plan site structure & navigation
  • ü  Create & optimize content
  • ü  Create quality content other sites
  • ü  Find target market’s online community
  • ü  Monitor, report, repeat
  • ü  The SEO process

Content Management System (CMS)

Joomla and WordPress

ü  Introduction
ü  Installation
ü  Structures and Terms
ü  Managing Content
ü  Statuses, Trash and Check-Ins
ü  Structure Your Content with Categories
ü  Website and Content Configuration
ü  Templates
ü  Navigation
ü  Users and Permissions
ü  Extension Management
ü  Core Extensions
ü  Modules
ü  Plug-Ins
ü  SEO
ü  Multi-Language
ü  Upgrade from older versions


  • ü  jQuery Basics
  • ü  Selecting Elements with jQuery
  • ü  jQuery Utilities
  • ü  Effects
  • ü  Events
  • ü  HTML Form Enhancements using JQuery
  • ü  HTML Form Enhancements with Plugins
  • ü  User Interfaces with jQuery UI
  • ü  Unit Testing

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