Database Management

Database Management [MS SQL, Oracle OCA, mySQL ...]

Structured Query Language (MS SQL / my SQL)

  • ü  Introduction
  • ü  ER Diagrams
  • ü  SQL Syntax
  • ü  Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server
  • ü  Creating SQL Statements in MS SQL
  • ü  Common SQL Statements- SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE …
  • ü  Advanced SQL Statements- JOIN, UNION, IN …
  • ü  Creating functions, triggers, views …
  • ü  User privileges and security
  • ü  Query optimization

Oracle based on OCA Syllabus

  • ü  Introduction to Oracle SQL
  • ü  Relational and Object Relational Database Management System
  • ü  ER model
  • ü  Communicating with a RDBMS Using SQL
  • ü  SQL Statements syntax
  • ü  Writing SQL Statements using SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, REVOKE, GRANT …
  • ü  Using Arithmetic Operators and Precedence
  • ü  Logical and Other Conditions
  • ü  SQLfunctions, conversion
  • ü  Working with multiple tables
  • ü  Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
  • ü  Producing Readable Output with iSQL*Plus
  • ü  Create and Invoke Index, Table, View, Function, Procedure, Triggers …
  • ü  Oracle Program with PL/SQL
  • ü  Declaring and Handling Variables and Data types
  • ü  Working with SQL Implicit and Explicit Cursor
  • ü  Conditional Statements IF THEN ELSE CASE WHEN
  • ü  Loop Statements BASIC FOR WHILE
  • ü  Handling Exceptions
  • ü  Privileges of the user management

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