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Hotel room hall food reservation online sri lanka tourism

Hotel Room/Hall/Food Booking Procedure

A brief description with an example

Online Hotel is an easy–to–use online booking system accessible to end users who may be independent travelers or travel agencies.  It is operated in a secure environment (SSL) and accessed through any web browser (e.g. internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.).  Hotel environment is multilingual and the hoteliers have the opportunity to add new languages upon request.

The booking process consists of 4 simple steps.  

Step 1. Stay Preferences 

   Figure 1
In the first step (Figure 1) the guest enters his/her stay preferences. The stay preferences include the arrival date (check in), the departure date (check out), the number of rooms and the number of guests per room.

Step 2. Rates & Availability

 Figure 2
Step 2 (Figure 2) displays the list of hotel rooms, descriptions and photos. Also the room charges are displayed (average price per day and total reservation amount) and the room availability.

Step 3. Guest Information (voucher)

    Figure 3
Once the guest has selected the desired room, he/her is led to the third step of the reservation (Figure 3) where the personal information entered, credit card details and any additional notes. At this point, the hotel’s pricing and cancellation policies are depicted.

Step 4. Reservation Completion

The fourth and last step displays a summary of the guest’s preferences that has the option of printing a copy of the voucher. At this point, Hotel Proxy automatically informs simultaneously by email the hotel and the guest, to whom an electronic copy of the voucher is sent. 


Process & procedures of reservation handling in the hotel
There is a systematic process & procedure of reservation handling in the hotel. All the reservation attendants must undergo these procedures to complete the reservation complete.
1. Receive reservation inquiry / request:
Reservation section receives a request for room reservation from various process. The reservation assistant must be capable of quickly determining the clients need and should be ready with reservation form and pencil or pen while getting reservation inquiry. The reservation assistant must obtain the following guest related information:

Guest name, address and telephone number
Date of arrival and departure
Desired room rate and plan
Number of pax
Type of room requested
Method of payment
Any other special request
2. Determining the room availability: After receiving the information about the guest duration of stay next step of reservation procedure is to check the availability of room type requested by the guest referring to the forecast board, reservation chart or through computerized system.
3. Accepting or denying the request: After checking the room availability, if the requested room is available the reservation will be accepted.If the rooms are sold out on the requested date, apologize with the suggestion of any other alternative rooms or hotels.The request is also denied if the guest or travel agencies are black listed.
4. Documenting the reservation details: If the reservation request is accepted, the reservation is taken in the reservation form with all the necessary information.
5. Confirming the reservation: Once the rooms requested by the guest is available and guest agrees to the rates, the reservation is confirmed by the reservation assistant by the advance deposit through various modes and confirmation number is given to the guests as a proof that the room is booked.
6. Maintaining the reservation record: After recording the reservation details in the reservation form, it should be properly filed for the future reference. In case of any changes or cancellation is done, the details must be attached with reservation form and updated.
7. Compiling the reservation report: The details from the reservation are most important. Such details help in forecasting cancellation, no show analyzing the market segment, preparing the history card,etc.

7 simple steps to book online...

·         Departure (From) / Arrival (To) airports. When using "Multiple destinations" option, select all airports in accordance with your flight plan, both departure and arrival airports. The booking engine does not allow reserving trips for more than 4 destinations (Departure and Arrival)
·         Departure date: hour seletion is optional. Please select "Any Time" to retreive flight availability for an entire day.
·         Type of trip (one way / round trip)
·         Payment method: "Card" for online payments by card or "Agency" for offline payments at a TAROM Agency.
·         Return date, when there is a round trip travel: hour is optional. In order to retreive all day flights availability, please select the "Any" choice
·         Number of passengers and type of travelling passengers (passenger)
·         Service class: Economic or Business
·         Flight type: Direct or Connecting; when not certain please use the connecting checkbox.

To retreive flights availablity press the Search button.

Select your flight(s) and the pricing method (Unrestricted / Lowest fare).
Please be aware that, in case you choose "Lowest fare", you will be subject to various restrictions (e.g.: "Sunday Rule", minimum / maximum stay, non-refundable ticket etc.).

Press the check price button.

This page displays the selected:
·         flight
·         net ticket price
·         taxes
·         total ticket price

Press the travellers details button.

To complete your profile fill in the fields related to your personal information (mandatory fields are marked with "!").
·         Choose Ms., Mrs. or Mr.
·         Fill in the last name and first name.
·         Fill in your Flying Blue code (if it is the case).
·         Enter the contact information (e-mail and phone number)
·         If you check the 'Flight special requests', you can select your seats (if the map of the plane is available), your meals and other special needs. The place selection is not possible for certain tickets issued at special rates, for reservations made less than 36 hours before the scheduled flight departure, as well as for the flights operated by another airline in partnership with TAROM. The places located near the emergency exits cannot be selected. TAROM reserves the right to change the assigned place even after boarding, for operational, flight safety or security reasons.
Press the purchase button.
The Purchase your trip page displays trip details and ticket cost.
·         You will receive an e-mail containing the details of your itinerary when the ticket is issued.
·         Select the mode of payment. If you want to pay by credit/ debit card please check "Card payment". For cash please pay within 48 hours from the reservation moment. Failure to do so will result in your booking being cancelled by the automated system.
·         In order to confirm your reservation and buy your ticket, you need to check the box near the text "I have read the flight Cancellation and Rebooking conditions. ". To see the fare conditions please access the corresponding link.
·         Press the Confirm trip button in order to confirm the reservation and buy the ticket.

·         On the "payment method" page please select the type of your card: credit/debit and then press "Continue". On "Your information" page fill in the blanks from "billing address" section; provide the number of your credit/debit card without leaving any blank spaces; select the validity period of your card and fill in the security code.
·         In case you don't know what the security code is, please access the provided link "What is a security code". To finish the payment, press "Submit". In the next page you will find the confirmation or rule out of your payment.
·         In case your payment was not confirmed and you want to use another credit/debit card, access the link "Please try another payment method" and retake the process. In case your payment was confirmed press "Click here to complete your booking".

In the Your trip reservation page, you can see your TAROM reservation number (please write down this number or print the page that contains it as you will need it later), the traveller details (you can change these details by clicking the modify button).
·         You can review the itinerary, the price, the selected method of payment and method of delivery. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail.
·         If you want to cancel your trip or to change your trip details please contact the TAROM office located in the city of your flight departure.
·         Please note that the maximum duration for a reservation session is of 10 minutes, counted from the moment the 'Search' button was clicked on. If you could not complete the reservation by that time, the bookings engine will show a written warning on an yellow background. At that point the customer will have to start the booking process all over again by going to
Important: in case of a session expiration we can not guarantee the initial fare availability.

Check rates and book a hotel reservation as far in advance of the departure date as possible. Hotels tend to raise rates as availability declines; however, it is possible to get a last minute deal.

Use an online travel site to identify hotels in the city you are visiting or near a specific attraction, address or airport.
·         Sites that book hotels, flights, rental cars, vacation packages and more include, and These sites have features that make it easy to adjust dates and see how it affects hotel rates.
· (an Expedia company) and specialize in lodgings but also book vacation packages.
· is a search engine for other travel sites and makes it easy to compare hotel reservations and other rates.
·         If you aren't picky about arrival and departure dates or location, you might consider However, you won't know which hotel you are staying in until you book it.

Determine whether you need a standard room, one-bedroom, two-bedroom or something larger.
Identify what amenities you need.
·         In-room conveniences to consider include high-speed Internet, a refrigerator, a kitchen or kitchenette, and a pull-out sleeper sofa. Some hotels will bring a crib or cot into the room if you need it.
·         Hotel amenities might include an indoor or outdoor pool, fitness center, business center, restaurants and room service.
·         5
·         Enter your arrival and departure dates as well as how many adults and children will be staying in the room.
Narrow down the list to one or two hotels with the amenities you need and the best rates, and then go to those hotel websites to check rates there.
·         Compare rates with discounts (e.g., for seniors, AAA members, frequent flyer members) and taxes applied.
·         If you are bringing pets, verify that pets are allowed and whether an additional fee is charged.
·         Take into account whether a free breakfast is included, or a happy hour offers free drinks and/or food.

Look at the photos and virtual tours available online to get a feel for what the hotel and its rooms look like. You may need to call the hotel to get specific information, such as the year built/remodeled, check-in/check-out times and cancellation policy.

Book the hotel room online or by phone. You will need to give a credit card number, but the card will not be charged unless you don't cancel according to the cancellation policy.

Print or write down your confirmation number and bring it with you on the trip.

Optima Front Office System integrates a full range of sophisticated capabilities in one comprehensive package:  
  • Complete folio control  
  • Unlimited number of folios per guest  
  • Complete reservation module  
  • Concierge and information  
  • Sophisticated user defined packages and plans  
  • Handles adults, juniors, children and babies for occupancy and pricing  
  • Group reservations with flexible daily number of room types, rooms, guests, plans and status's  
  • Unlimited number of tariffs and daily rates tables  
  • Comprehensive guest history and mail merge  
  • Dynamic tape chart  
  • Housekeeping and room maintenance  
  • Automatic or semi-automatic night auditing procedures  
  • Unlimited number of reports plus an advanced report generator  
  • Registration of all transactions in two currencies   
  • Multi currency payments, charges and invoices  
  • Full management of VAT suitable to any country's laws  
  • Fully interfaced with all leading PBXs  
  • Multi lingual (translatable to any language)  

The reservation module  
  • Room availability with drill down to a single reservation.  
  • Direct reservation from price quotation.  
  • Flexible rating and automatic calculation of the value of a reservation.  
  • Sharing and group member invoicing.  
  • Group Master accounts.  
  • Easy blocking for guest’s special requests.  
  • Comprehensive special services set-up, easily customized for each hotel.  
  • VIP types and levels. 
  • Partial or fully automatic allocations depending upon reservation.  
  • Special requests automatically incorporated into the reservation from the guest, group, agent or company history. 

The guest reception module  
  • Clear, concise and quick check-in and walk procedures.  
  • Comprehensive guest history including preferences and photo identification.  
  • Full primary and secondary agent history.  
  • Agent and company contracts. 

The accounting and billing module  
  • Handles all aspects of multi-currency transactions and all types of V.A.T.  
  • Invoicing for non-room folios.  
  • Automatic cash flow calculation and control for each front desk agent at any time.   
  • Automatic night posting.  
  • Advanced, easy to use city ledger (accounts receivable) module.  
  • POS and telecommunication charges transferred instantaneously to the guest’s account.  

Housekeeping and maintenance module  
  • Housecleaning assignments are prepared quickly according to predefined parameters of work.  
  • Job orders are automatically sent to the maintenance department.

General system module.  
  • Log book  
  • Concierge information listing.  
  • Guest message and guest locator modules. 

Report module with an extensive report generator  
  • Versatile reports for all levels of management.  
  • Statistical reports  
  • Occupancy and work assignment forecasting reports. 

  • #1 Hotel Management System in the HOLYLAND
  • #1 Educational System
  • Our solution is running on 70% of all hotels in Holy Land and counting.

The set of hotel management applications is fully modular and scalable.  Our client hotels receive tailor-made packages and subscription services according to their exact needs and specific preferences at any given time. 
There are hundreds of other unique features in our Hotel Management Optima Line that you will not find in any other similar application. Each one of them was developed with awareness of the needs of the hotel staff, management and owners.

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